Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

Reference Material

The Mighty Eighth by Roger A. Freeman
1991 Motorbooks International

This book is a must have for all 8th Air Force fans. It is the primary reference for the 8th AAF web page. It is a historical guide to the units, men, and machines of the US 8th Air Force. The text will take you on a chartered trip from the creation of the 8th Air Force in 1942, through its fundamental role in taking the battle to Hitler's Germany as it becomes the largest air unit ever committed to battle, and to it's final departure from the United Kingdom after victory in 1945.

Donald's Story by Sandra Merrill
Tebidine Publishing 1996

This authentic account of the life and death of an unsung war hero should be required reading for every student of World War II - and a book we are certain you will want to add to your library. What was once just a family's story has now been recorded, and DONALD'S STORY - the story of Army Air Corps pilot Captain Donald R. Emerson, a North Dakota farm boy turned 4th Fighter Group Ace DONATED BY: Sandy and Ted Merrill

Flying Fortress By Edward Jablonski
Doubleday & Co 1965

This book has excellent data about the B-17. It includes a design analysis, and a copy of the pilot training manual for the flying fortress. It is also packed with photos, and stories of the men that flew her. This is an excellent book for those B-17 lovers.

Mission 29 by Julius and Michael Smith
1996 Smith

This book is about the 29th mission of Julius Smith, a gunner of the B-17 "Prop Wash". The story is a crew member's view of the final mission of the ill fated B-17, and the plight of its crew after being shot down over Germany. Mission 29 contains several never before seen photos of the 457th BG. This 42 page book is available only from Michael Smith who can be emailed at or write to: 511 Longfield Ave Sherwood, Arkansas 72120

Wingman by Frank Speer
1993 Carton Press

This book is a true story of Frank Speers who was a fighter pilot with the 4th Fighter Group during World War II. He shares the hair-raising experiences of flying fighters over the skies of Germany. His subsequent shooting down and capture is a vivid account of the fears of many a fighter pilot. Lastly, the text enthrals you in his escape from Stalag Luft III and final repatriation.

Three Gold Stars by RJ Rosamilia
1991 Laureate Press

The is a story of three brothers all killed in action during World War II. William 3/14/45 USAAF, Alex 11/25/44 US ARMY, Walter 7/21/44 US MARINES. It is a World War II story of three heroes. DONATED BY: Ray Rosamilia

Diary of an Air War by Gerrit Zijlstra
1994 Eakin Press

This book is a report on the activities of the Army Air Force on a day-to-day basis. Beginning with the early days of the US entry into the war, formation of units, and the activities of the various bomber and fighter units in Europe starting from February 1942 to May 1945.

The Official WW2 Guide to the AAF US gov't publication
1944 Bonanza Books New York

This book is a Government publication on the activities of the Army Air Force. The book covers the various positions in a crew, the composition of units, and leaders, as well as a lot of technical data in a easy to read form. A lot of good information and published during the war.

Mustang Aces of the 8th AF by Jerry Scutts
1994 Osprey

This book is a report on the aces of the 8th Air Force in World War II, but only aces that flew P-51s. Good information and nice listing of aces by the Group they flew in.

B-17 Flying Fortress by Jeff Ethell
1995 Motorbooks International

This book has a lot of nice color photos of the B17 and the crews. Nice reference for unit markings and close up photos of the aircraft.

B17 in action
1984 Squadron Signal Publications, INC

  This book has a lot of information, drawings, and photos on the variations of the B17. It covers the Boeing Model 247 to the B17G and post war modifications.

The Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourn by Marion H. Havelaar
1995 Schiffer Publishing

This book is all about the 91st Bombardment Group in World War II. It covers the 340 missions flown by the unit and such famous aircraft as the Memphis Belle, Shoo Shoo Baby, General Ike, and Nine-O-Nine.

USAF in World War II by Thomas Siefring
1977 Chartwell Books

This book lightly covers all the theaters of war from Asia to europe, and has a lot of good photos.

Air War by Edward Jablonski
1971 DoubleDay

  This two volume set covers the engagements of the British, German, Japanese and US forces in World War II. It is a comprehensive description of various famous engagements, and units during World War II. It also features many of the people that flew and organized the various missions.

Silver Wings, Pinks and Greens By Jon Maguire
1994 Schiffer Military

This book is dedicated to the uniforms of the Army Air Force. Extensive coverage of Wings, Patches, and other uniform items worn by the United States Air Corps in World War II.
Silver Wings Pinks and Greens


Squadron of Deception By Stephen Hutton
1999 Schiffer Military

Here is a detailed story of the 8th Air Force's only Radar Countermeasure squadron that flew from England during World War II. This book tells of the men of the elite 36th Bomb Squadron and the special operations they flew in modified B-24's to jam the German radar which controlled the fighter and flak batteries.


On Wings of Troop Carriers in World War II By Robert E. Callahan
1997 Burke Publishing

Here is a detailed story of the events, and accounts relating to the 50th Troop Carrier Squadron in Africa and Europe in World War II.


Gear Up! By Jon Maguire
1995 Schiffer Military

This book dedicated to the flying equipment used by the Air Crews of the Army Air Force. It covers such items as Helmets, Goggles, Flight suits, and other related items.

Heros of Harding Field by William Spedale
2000 Spedale
This book reflects the proud contributions of Harding Field and Baton Rouge to the War efforts of World War II. The text depicts life from the eyes of the men and women stateside training to ready themselves for the air campaigns over the Pacific and Europe. Mr. Spedale should be commended for archiving the little recorded war on the American front.