Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

434th Troop Carrier Group

9th Air Force 434th TCG

Squadrons of the 434th TCG

71st Troop Carrier Squadron.
72nd Troop Carrier Squadron.
73rd Troop Carrier Squadron.
74th Troop Carrier Squadron.

Assigned 9th AAF: Feb 1943.

Combat Aircraft:


Alliance AAFld, Neb, 9 Feb 1943

Baer Field, Ind, 5 Sep-Oct 1943

Fulbeck, England, 7 Oct 1943

Welford Park, England, 10 Dec 1943

Aldermaston, England, 3 Mar 1944-12 Feb 1945

Mourmelon-le-Grand, France, Feb-24 Jul 1945

Baer Field, Ind, 4 Aug 1945

Alliance AAFld, Neb, 15 Sep 1945

George Field, Ill, I Oct 1945

Group COs

Maj Edward F Cullerton, 9 Feb 1943

Lt Col Fred D Stevers, 18 Aug 1943

Col William B Whitacre, 29 Nov 1943

Lt Col Ben A Garland, 17 Dec 1944

Lt Col Frank W Hansley, 15 Sep 1945


American Theater

Normandy Northern France



Central Europe


Distinguished Unit Citation: France, [6-7] Jun 1944.

French Croix de Guerre with Palm: 6-7 Jun 1944

20-28 Aug 1944. French Fourragere

Early History:

Constituted as 434th Troop Carrier Group on 30 Jan 1943. Activated on 9 Feb 1943. Trained with C-47's for opera-tions in Europe with Ninth AF. Moved to England in Oct 1943 and entered a seven-month training period with foist Airborne Division in preparation for the invasion of northern France. Towed gliders carrying troops to Normandy on 6 Jun 1944 and flew follow-up missions later on D-Day and on 7 Jun to provide reinforcements of troops, vehicles, and ammunition. Received a DUC and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm for action in the invasion of Normandy. Dropped paratroops in the assault area and towed gliders with reinforcements during the airborne operation in Holland, 17-25 Sep 1944 Moved to France in Feb 1945 Participated in the airborne assault across the Rhine, dropping paratroops over the east bank on 24 Mar. In addition to these airborne operations, the group reinforced ground troops in the St Lo area during the breakthrough in Jul 1944; provided supplies for Third Army during its drive across France in Aug, an action for which the group was cited by the French Government; and resupplied troops at Bastogne in Dec 1944 in the effort to stop the German offensive in the Ardennes. Also engaged in numerous transport missions, hauling mail, rations, clothing, and other supplies from England to bases in France and Germany, and evacuating the Allied wounded. After V-E Day, transported gasoline to Allied forces in Germany and evacuated prisoners of war to relocation centers in France and Holland. Returned to the US, Jul-Aug 1945. Trained with C-46's. Inactivated on 31 Jul 1946.

Subsequent History:

  Allotted to the reserve. Activated on 15 Mar 1947. Redesignated 434th Troop Carrier Group (Medium) in Jul 1949. Ordered to active duty on I May 1951. Assigned to Tactical Air Command. Used C-47 aircraft. Relieved from active service and inactivated, on 1 Feb 1953o Allotted to the reserve. Activated on 1 Feb 1953

SQUADRONS. 71st: 1943-1946;1947-1953; 1953- 72d: 1943-1946; 1947-1953; 1953-73d: 1943-1946; 1947-1948, 1949-1953; 1953-1954. 74th: 1943-1946; 1947-I95I. Both: 1948-1949. 81st: 1948-1949.

STATIONS. George Field, Ill, I Oct 1945; Greenville AAB, SC, z Feb-31 Jul 1946. Stout Field, Ind, 15 Mar 11947; Atterbury AFB, Ind, I Jul 1949 Lawson AFB, Ga, 23 Jan 1952-1 Feb 1953 Atterbury AFB, Ind, I Feb 1953

INSIGNE. Shield: Or, in chief a pair of stylized wings erect and conjoined azure, between a chevronel reversed gules; issuing from base a demisphere with land markings azure, longitude and latitude lines argent, thereover a parachute of the last; the sphere surmounting the apex of the chevronel. (Approved 10 Oct 1952.)

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