Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

313th Troop Carrier Group

9th Air Force 313th TCG

Squadrons of the 313th TCG

29th Troop Carrier Squadron.
47th Troop Carrier Squadron.
48th Troop Carrier Squadron.
49th Troop Carrier Squadron.

Assigned 9th AAF: Feb 1944.

Combat Aircraft:


Daniel Field, Ga, 2 Mar 1942
Bowman Field, Ky, 21 Jun 1942
Florence, SC, 4 Aug 1942
Maxton, NC, 13 Dec 1942-24 Apr 1943
Oujda, French Morocco, 9 May 1943
Kairouan, Tunisia, 16 Jun 1943
Sciacca, Sicily, 23 Aug 1943
Trapani/Milo Airfield, Sicily, 3 Oct 1943
Folkingham, England, 4 Feb 1944
Achiet, France, 28 Feb-5 Aug 1945
Baer Field, Ind, 14 Sep-15 Nov 1945.


Group COs

Capt Fred W Nelson, 7 Mar 1942
Col James J Roberts Jr, 26 Jun 1942
Lt Col William A Filer, 18 Mar 1945
Lt Col Paul W Stephens, 26 Mar 1945
Lt Col Carl W Campbell, c. Aug-15 Nov 1945


American Theater
Northern France
Central Europe


Distinguished Unit Citation: Sicily, II Jul 1943: France, [6-7] Jun 1944.

Early History:

Constituted as 313th Transport Group on 28 Jan 1942. Activated on 2 Mar 1942. Redesignated 313th Troop Carrier Group in Jul 1942. Trained for overseas duty with C-47's and C-53's. Moved to North Africa, Apr-May 1943, and assigned to Twelfth AF. Trained for the invasion of Sicily and entered combat on the night of 9 Jul 1943 by dropping paratroops near Gela. Although attacked by ground and naval forces while carrying reinforcements to Sicily on the night of 11 July, the group completed the mission and received a DUC for the performance. Transported supplies and evacuated wounded in the Mediterranean area until late in August when the group moved to Sicily for the invasion of Italy. Dropped paratroops of 82nd Airborne Division south of Salerno on the night of 13 Sep 1943 and flew a reinforcement mission the following night. Resumed transport activities in the theater until Feb 1944, and then joined Ninth AF in England. Prepared for the invasion of France and on D-Day 1944, released paratroops near Picauville; dropped reinforcements over the same area on 7 June 1944, being awarded second DUC for its part in the invasion. Dropped paratroops near Arnheim and Nijmegen on 17 Sep during the airborne attack on Holland and released gliders carrying reinforcements to that area on 18 and 23 Sep. Moved to France, Feb-Mar 1945, and received C-46's for the airborne assault across the Rhine; dropped paratroops of 17th Airborne Division near Wesel on 24 March. When not engaged in airborne operations the group evacuated wounded personnel and ex-prisoners of war, and also transported cargo such as ammunition, gasoline, medical supplies, and food until after V-E Day. Returned to the US, Aug-Sep 1945 Inactivated on 15 Nov 1945

Subsequent History:

  Activated in Austria on 30 Sep 1946. Assigned to United States Air Forces in Europe and equipped with C-47 and C-54 aircraft. Transferred, without personnel and equipment, to the US on 25 Jun 1947 and assigned to Tactical Air Command. Trained with gliders and C-82's. Redesignated 313th Troop Carrier Group, (Heavy) in June 1948. Moved to Germany, Oct-Nov 1948, and joined United States Air Forces in Europe for participation in the Berlin airlift. Transported cargo such as coal, food, and medicine into West Berlin from Nov 1948 to Sep 1949. Redesignated 313th Troop Carrier Group (Special) in Feb 1949. Inactivated in Germany on 18 Sep 1949. Redesignated 313th Troop Carrier Group (Medium) . Activated in the US on 1 Feb 1953. Assigned to Tactical Air Command. Trained with C-119's. Inactivated on 8 Jun 1955.

SQUADRONS. 29th: 1942-1945; 1946 1949; 1953-1955- 47th- 1942-1945; 1946-1949; 1953-1955. 48th: 1942-1945; 1946-1949; 1953-1955. 49th: 1942-1945.

STATIONS. Tulln AB, Austria, 30 Sep 1946-25 Jun 1947; Langley Field, Va, 25 Jun 1947; Bergstrom Field, Tex, 15 Jul 1947-22 Oct 1948; Fassberg, Germany, 9 Nov 1948-18 Sep 1949 Mitchel AFB, NY, I Feb 1953; Sewart AFB, Tenn, 2 Oct 1953-8 Jun 1955

COMMANDERS. Col Clinton W Davies, 30 Sep 1946; Lt Col Walter R Washburn Jr, 15 Aug 1947 ; Col Frank P Bostrom, 3 Dec 1947; Lt Col Conway S Hall, unkn-Sep 1949 Col Benton R Baldwin, Feb 1953; Col Steward H Nichols, I Oct 1953-1955

INSIGNE: Shield: Per bend azure and gules, the silhouette of a stylized winged aircraft or, charged with a mullet of the first between six mullets, three and three of the third. (Approved 3 Feb 1943)

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