Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

82nd Fighter Group

8th Air Force 82 FG

Squadrons of the 82nd FG

95th Fighter Squadron:
96th Fighter Squadron:
97th Fighter Squadron:

Assigned 8th AAF: September 1942

Wing/Command Assignment

VIII FC: Sep. 1942 - Oct. 1942

Combat Aircraft:



EGLINGTON 5 Oct. 1942 - 3 Jan. 1943
MAYDOWN 6 Oct. 1942 - 16 Dec. 1942 (97FS only).

Group COs

Lt Col William E. Covington Jr 5 Oct 1942 - 3 Jan. 1943

Major Awards:


Early History:

Activated 9 Feb. 1942 at Harding Field, LA. Went overseas on the 16 September 1942 and arrived in England in early October 1942. Trained in Northern Ireland with P-38s and moved to North Africa to join the 12AF in December 1942. Later assigned 15 AF in Italy to fly bomber escort.

Subsequent History:

Established as fighter interceptor wing with the Air Defense Command during the 1950s.

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