Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

1st Fighter Group

8th Air Force 1FS

Squadrons of the 1st FG

27th Fighter Squadron
71st Fighter Squadron
94th Fighter Squadron

Assigned 8th AAF: 10 Jun 1942

Wing/Command Assignment

VII FC: 10 Jun 1942
VII FC, 6 FW 16 Aug.-13 Sep 1942

Combat Aircraft:



GOXHILL 10 Jun 42 to 24 Aug 42 HQ and 71st FS
KIRTON IN LINDSEY 10 Jun 42 to 24 Aug 42 94 FS
IBSLEY 24 Aug 42 to Nov 42 71st and 94th FS
HIGH ERCALL 27 Aug 42 to 15 Sep 42 27th FS
COLERNE 15 Sep 42 to Nov 42 27th FS

Group COs

Major John O Zahn 1 May 42 to 9 Jul 42
Lt Col John N. Stone 9 Jul 42 to 7 Dec 42

First Mission: 2 Sep 42
Last Mission: 25 Oct 42
Total sorties: 237
MIA: 1

Early History:

Organized 5 May 1918 at Toul France. Based Selfridge Fd. Mich. 1922 to 1941. Moved San Diego NAS, California on 9 Dec 41 and received P-38s. Los Angeles MAP, California on 1 Feb. 42 and fully equipped P-38F prior to commencement of overseas movement in May of 1942. Ground echelon sailed on Queen Elizabeth from New York on the 3rd of Jun 1942. arriving Gourock 9 Jun 42. The air echelon flew P-38s to United Kingdom via northern ferry route. The first P-38s left Dow Fd. Me, 27 Jun 42. The Aircraft of the 27 Fighter Squadron stayed in Iceland and did not join the rest of the Group until late Aug 1942. The 27 FS flew ocean patrols from 6 Jul 25 until Aug 1942. Lt Elza K. Shahah shared in destruction of FW200 on 14 Aug 42. The ground echelon of the 27FS arrived Goxhill, while aircraft stayed in Iceland. No combat operations in United Kingdom.

Subsequent History:

Assigned 12 AF, XII FC, 14th Sep. 1942 but continued to operate under VIII FC. First contingent of ground echelon left Ibsley on 21 Oct. 42 and sailed on SS Orbita from Gourock on the 26 Oct 1942. Two other parties left bases on 23 and 26 Oct. of 1942. The first sailing on HMS Mooltan from Bristol, and the second on Empress of Canada from Gourock. These ships were in convoy to North Africa. The air echelon flew to Africa from Portreath on 14th to 16th Nov 1942. Two aircraft were lost en route, one in Portugal. The Group fought in North Africa with the 12AF and later in Italy with 15AF on bomber escort. After the war the group was an air defense unit. In 1955 stationed at Selfridge AFB, Mich as an intercepter wing flying F-106 during 1960s.