Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

358th Fighter Group

8th Air Force 358FG

Squadrons of the 358th FG

365th Fighter Squadron:
366th Fighter Squadron:
367th Fighter Squadron:

Assigned 8th AAF: 20 October 1943

Wing/Command Assignment

VIII FC: 21 Oct. 1943
VIII FC, 66 FW: Nov 1943 - 31 Jan 1944

Combat Aircraft:



GOXHILL 21 Oct. 43 - 29 Nov. 43
LEISTON 29 Nov. 43 - 1 Feb. 44

Group COs

Lt Col Cecil L. Wells: 1 Jan. 43-13 Sep. 44, KIA.

First Mission: 20 Dec. 1943
Last Mission: 30 Jan. 1944
Aircraft MIA: 4

Enemy Aircraft Claims: 1 air; 5 ground.

Major Awards:


Early History:

Activated 1 Jan. 1943 at Richmond AAB, Va. Unit moved to Baltimore MAP,Md. on the 28 April 1943 and to Camp Springs MFd, Md. a month later, and then to Philadelphia MAP, Pa. on 16 June 1943. Group trained with P-47s and moved back to Richmond AAB in August 1943. Unit Sailed on the SS Monterey on 8 October 1943. Arriving in Liverpool on the 20 October 1943.

Subsequent History:

Transferred to the Ninth AF on the 1 February 1944, in exchange for 357FG. Unit changed bases with 357FG at Raydon. Later moved to south coast airstrip and after D-Day to France. Inactivated on the 7 Nov. 1945. Redesignated as the 122FG of the Ind ANG in 1946.

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